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Photography... My Passion!

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I am Saskia Bauer, a native of Ibiza and with an Ibizencan heart, although Madrid stole part of it for 12 years.

Although I have always been “the girl with the camera”, it was here that I began my adventure with professional photography, where I discovered that with my camera in hand not only am I happy but I can also make others happy. Photography for me is much more than a mere profession. It is what has driven me, what has made me get up on innumerable occasions and it is what allows me to take refuge from all adversity. Thanks to photography I have found my way, which is none other than to spread happiness to anyone who passes in front of my lens.

Therefore, when I returned to Ibiza a little over two years ago, I decided to embark on this life’s challenge, which is simply to take photographs of people in happy moments.

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